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  • - This is a one time purchase (NOT A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION)
  • - This includes 20 Business /Lifestyle photos done by Angel Owner of MDRN Studios
  • - Front Cover + 1 Page Spread - Included Photo shoot
  • - Physical Magazine - SWFL (Curretly at 32 locations)
  • - We will also post a reel of you desribing what you do on Instagram and Tiktok. 
  • - Physical magazine size is 8.5” x 11” (22 × 28 centimeters)
  • - Magazine will hold 32 pages for the first 6 months we will go up to 64 pages by the end of 2024
  • - After purchasing please email us with a short desription, Logo and photos to


  • IISIIDI MAGAZINE is a dynamic platform fostering connections among business owners and entrepreneurs in the United States. Released monthly, it operates as a digital magazine with a limited distribution of hard copies across six current locations. Launched in December 2023, IISIIDI MAGAZINE serves as a hub for business-minded individuals, facilitating networking and showcasing insights within the American business landscape. The mentioned cost per item reflects the fee for publication in each monthly edition.

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